Digital Edge Successfully launched the following products in Kuwait and Middle east

NEXCom Blade Server From Zero we have introduced this Taiwanese product in Kuwait

Bit Defender Antivirus From Zero we have introduced this Romanian product in Kuwait & Gulf and now successfully it is recognized all over the Gulf now

Escan Antivirus Solution we are promoting in the Kuwait as Dedicated agent

Digital Edge has been successfully powered many new Hardware and Software in the IT Industry and achieved a high ranked to manage, market and maintain those products too.

Digital Edge Solutions ever since their existance in the Middle east they have strived to serve the IT Industry and achieved their sucess to help many IT Companies, End Users, Committees, Government Sector, Private Sector as well as Industry standard maintaining bodies too.

Every corporate needs are taken care in style and manage to achive more professional way.
Every walk in client at their showroom receives the honor of being treated professionally and we provide a prfessional consultancy for the same.