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"The easiest means to ensure filtration of sites and monitor Internet usage"

Key Features:

Blocking dangerous resorces
Restricting non-work related sites
500M websites in database
82 URL categories
Statistics and monitoring
Internet control without proxy

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GateWall DNS Filter is a cloud solution based on DNS requests filtering that allows the blocking of dangerous and non-target resources, and analysis of Internet use.

How does it work?

Any Internet-connected device uses a DNS server. As soon as a user types the website address in the browser address bar, for example, www.google.com, a request is forwarded to a DNS server that returns the website IP-address, and then the page is loaded. With our service, you can fully control a DNS server, and will be able to block any website categories, as well as view all users’ request statistics.

DNS requests filtering is not as secure as traffic filtering, but is much easier to provide for a big number of users located in different networks and subnetworks.

Why is GateWall DNS Filter unique?

The use of DNS servers is usually free, and it is quite easy to find free services that will block requests to dangerous or pornographic resources. However, the main problem with such services is the size and quality of their website databases. As a rule, they contain only a required minimum of the most popular websites and offer a very low security level. Our technologies filter websites by all kinds of categories, for example, “Job Search” or “Religious Content;” the users have access to reports and analytical data, and may set the filter according to their needs. GateWall DNS Filter operates in a cloud environment based on the Amazon platform, which makes the system highly efficient and 99.99% reliable.

What does a “cloud” service mean?

Nowadays cloud services are a global tendency, and have a lot of advantages. Working in a “cloud” means that you do not waste time and resources on supporting your own servers, and, at the same time, enjoy a much greater level of reliability and data security.

Who uses GateWall DNS Filter?

Schools, private and public enterprises of any size, as well as Internet providers use Gate Wall DNS Filter for Internet resources filtering.

Features and advantages:

Entensys URL Filtering technology: database containing 500 million URLs;
Filtering and monitoring options allowing you to block not only dangerous websites, but also website categories of any kind;
Convenient monitoring, statistics and reports system;
White/black lists options;
Quick start option; no setting or adjustment of local hardware and software required;
Web-interface and technical support in the English language;
Monthly charging.
If you have any questions on our cloud solutions, please, contact us at
cloud@entensys.com .

Do you know how your staff are spending your time?

According to recent survey about 90% of employees use Internet resources unrelated to their job while at work. UserGate provides you with an easy-to-use tool to control your staff’s activity on your network.

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